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Ejab Alliance Limited

Cattle Reproduction Research and Development Center:


The vision of EJAB-BIOTECH is to satisfy the national demand of safe milk and beef for fast growing population through vertical improvement of productivity of available cattle genetic resources in Bangladesh intervening modern animal biotechnologies to accelerate economic growth, self-employment, income generation and malnutrition alleviation by way of “A Road to Poverty Reduction” to assist in developing a healthy as well as meritorious nation. 


The mission of EJAB-BIOTECH is to generate, promote and disseminate demand driven knowledge & technology based livestock development services for sustainably increased productivity, profit optimization and well being of livestock farming community. 


The major objectives of EJAB-BIOTECH are to:

  • Evolve suitable HY Dairy and beef breeds for profitable production systems, value addition and market development for contributing towards national food and nutrition security through diversified enhanced production, processing by adopting safe production practices;
  • Develop research-extension-farmers linkages, mobilize, build and develop farmer groups (Common Interest Groups-CIGs)  and producer organizations for better access to technologies, information and marketing channels;
  • Promote sustainable improvements, transfer sustainable skills to the farmer (Common Interest Groups - CIGs) for improvement of production, value addition and value-chain/marketing for increased income and better livelihood by producing safe livestock products for optimal income & employment generation.
  • Organize and motivate farmers in adopting suitable technologies through capacity building provided by EAL service providers at farmers’ level including input supply, livestock commodity production etc;
  • Strengthen animal health care services and public health safeguard through introducing safe production practices among CIGs.
  • Training and Human Resource Development (HRD) for better service delivery.

Ejab -BioTech’s Plans:

In Bangladesh, existing huge gap between the demand and supply of livestock products though market demands increasing gradually, which certainly attributed to income elasticity, population growth, quick urbanization and social development in recent decade, and eventually, there is more room to exploit the inherent potentials of livestock sector for further development.

From that standpoint, EJAB-BIOTECH planning to share the National Journey of Vision-2021 to achieve the projected national goals for livestock sector as one of the development partners of the government through intervening modern animal biotechnologies to improve productivity of available cattle genetic resources for vertical development.

EJAB-BIOTECH likely undertaken the following Advance Animal Breeding and Genetic Programs for vertical livestock development in Bangladesh:

Evolve and establishment of an environment friendly HY dairy cattle breed, to be denominated as “Bengal Friesian (BF)”, by adopting alternative animal breeding technology in combination with modern reproductive biotechnologies.

Development of a commercially viable beef cattle in intensive farming conditions through appropriate breeding scheme in combination with superior exotic germplasm.

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